Childcare Voucher Scheme

Childcare Voucher Scheme

Arts & Crafts Weekly ProgrammeShine After School Club Limited accepts childcare vouchers at all its locations. Vouchers are a great way of reducing the costs of child care. 

Shine’s OFSTED registration numbers for its various settings are: -

EY455451 - St. Ursula’s E-Act Academy, Brecon Road, Henleaze, Bristol BS9 4DT

EY474750 – Cathedral Primary School, College Square, Bristol BS1 5TS

EY483015 - Christ Church Primary School, Royal Park, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3AW

EY482457 - Flax Bourton Primary School, Station Road, Flax Bourton, North Somerset BS48 1UA

EY494782 - Southville Primary School, Myrtle St, Bedminster, BS3 1JG

EY537452 - Bridge Farm Primary School, Bristol, BS14 0LL

EY537780 - Stoke Bishop Primary Breakfast Club, BS9 1BW

EY543105 -Brentry Primary School-BS10 6RG
EY545691-Hillcrest Primary School, BS4 3ED



Shine After School Club Limited is registered to accept payment from most childcare voucher providers. Here is a list of the companies Shine is currently registered with and the relevant reference/account numbers for the various settings:-

  • Allsave
  • Bristol City Council (Electronic vouchers only - contact
  • Busy Bees (refer to OFSTED 'EY' registration number for the after school club you use - see details above)
  • Care4: 43642607 (St. Ursula's); 14325969 (Cathedral); 36760156 (Flax Bourton); 35222819 (Southville): 24425814 (Bridge Farm); 07057677 (Stoke Bishop)
  • Computershare: 0017752575
  • Co-operative Flexible Benefits: 85104585
  • Edenred: (St. Ursula's) P20778469; (Bridge Farm)  P21074300;    (Christ Church) P20932419; (Cathedral) P20920836; (Flax Bourton) P20928973;

​     (Southville) P21007201;  (Stoke Bishop) P21077380


  • Enjoy Benefits: B012730
  • Faircare: sasc1212
  • Fideliti Childcare (refer to OFSTED 'EY' registration number for the after school club)
  • Kids Unlimited Ref: 00518604
  • Kiddivouchers (refer to OFSTED 'EY' registration number for the after school club)
  • PES
  • Rascals
  • RG Childcare
  • South Glos Ref: PRO 01425 (Electronic payment only please. No paper vouchers. Contact SG Council for details)
  • Sodexo Ref: 823596 (St. Ursula's), 836119 (Christ Church) 
  • You at Work: YAW-E011991352

n/b If your childcare voucher provider is NOT on the list, please contact them and ask them to send us registration documents.


Please note we no longer accept paper vouchers, only E-vouchers.


Some Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers...

Q. What are the benefits? 

• A simple, straight forward way to pay for childcare • Pay NO tax or NO National Insurance on the vouchers • The scheme benefits working parents provided your employer offers the childcare vouchers scheme • Vouchers are accepted as a payment method for a wide range of child care, including Shine’s after school care provision • Parents with children up to the age of 16 are eligible to receive childcare vouchers

Q. How Childcare Vouchers Work? 

A. Providing your employer has affiliated with a childcare voucher scheme you can contribute up to £243.00 per month of your salary towards childcare vouchers which will be exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions. Your vouchers can then be used as part or full payment for any activity organised by Shine After School Club Limited.

Q. How do I use my childcare vouchers? 

A. Your employer should provide details of how your scheme is administered but in most cases it is very straightforward. Just let your CCV provider know that you want to spend your vouchers on a Shine activity and they will guide you through the process. Your vouchers can be used in part or full payment against your chosen activity.

Q. What are E-vouchers? 

A. E-vouchers are very easy to use and most, if not all, CCV providers operate them. E-vouchers are obtainable by logging in to your personal CCV account where you can also arrange for a payment to Shine to settle the cost of a Shine activity.

Please note, you can only use your childcare vouchers for your own children and we only accept E-vouchers, not paper vouchers.

Q. Which Shine activities can I use my childcare vouchers for? 

A. Currently you can use childcare vouchers for any Shine activities based at locations in Bristol.

Q. My employer does not offer child care vouchers. What should I do? 

A. If your company does not currently offer childcare vouchers please contact any of the companies listed above, providing them with your employer details so that your company can be contacted about the benefits of running a scheme.

Email Us 

If you are interested in using your childcare vouchers with Shine After School Club at one of our locations, please contact your child care voucher provider or email for further information.